Chapter Outline

  1. Settlement, Pastoralism, and Trade
    1. Early Cities along River Basins
    2. Smaller Settlements around 3500 BCE
    3. Pastoral Nomadic Communities
    4. The Rise of Trade
  2. Between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers: Mesopotamia
    1. Tapping the Waters
    2. Crossroads of Southwest Asia
    3. The World’s First Cities
      1. The Development of Writing
    4. Gods and Temples
    5. The Palace and Royal Power
    6. Social Hierarchy and Families
    7. First Writing and Early Texts
      1. The Origins of Writing According to the Sumerians
    8. Spreading Cities and First Territorial States
  3. The Indus River Valley: A Parallel Culture
    1. Harappan City Life and Culture
      1. The Mystery of Harappan Writing
    2. Trade
  4. “The Gift of the Nile”: Egypt
    1. The Nile River and Its Floodwaters
    2. Egypt’s Unique Riverine Culture
    3. The Rise of the Egyptian State and Dynasties
    4. Rituals, Pyramids, and Cosmic Order
    5. Religion
    6. Writing and Scribes
    7. The Prosperity of Egypt
    8. Later Dynasties and Their Demise
  5. The Yellow and Yangzi River Basins: East Asia
    1. From Yangshao to Longshan Culture
      1. The Admonitions of Ipuwer
      2. Archaeological Evidence for Longshan Culture
  6. Life on the Margins of Afro-Eurasia
    1. Aegean Worlds
    2. Anatolia
    3. Europe: The Western Frontier
  7. Conclusion
    1. The Male Warrior Burials of Varna and Nett Down
  8. Tracing the Global Storylines