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Meeting WPA Outcomes

The National Council of Writing Program Administrators has identified the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students should have by the time they finish a first-year composition program. The Norton Field Guide was written with these outcomes clearly in mind, and the text supports their teaching.
Learn how The Norton Field Guide to Writing can help your students achieve the WPA Outcomes.

For Students

Norton/Write is a free and completely open site that includes three easy-to-navigate sections: Writing and Rhetoric, Research and Documentation, and online handbook with exercises.

No password, purchase or registration required.

The Norton Field Guide to Writing Blackboard Coursepack
We offer instructors and students a free and customizable Blackboard coursepack that includes writing guides, model essays, templates and worksheets, hundreds of grammar quizzes that report to your gradebook, paragraph-editing exercises, links to research-writing tutorials and resources, APA and MLA Citation Guidelines, and our free and open online handbook.

In a partnership with Digication, Norton's ePortfolio workspace lets students showcase their writing work online.

Instructors who adopt the e-portfolio can customize the course space to better suit their syllabus and course requirements.

At the end of the term, the students can download their e-portfolios as a permanent record of their work. Learn more

For You

Blackboard Coursepack

Free to adopters, this coursepack includes over 1,000 grammar exercises, access to an online handbook, tutorials on research writing and avoiding plagiarism, pre- and post-diagnostic grammar tests (available in the instructor view only), and more. Please contact your Norton representative to see a demo.

Resource Access
Blackboard Coursepack (download this file if your school is using Blackboard 6, 7, 8, or 9) Access Resource


Richard Bullock (Author,  Wright State University), Maureen Daly Goggin (Author,  Arizona State University)

A thorough guide to teaching first-year writing-from developing a syllabus to facilitating group work, designing writing assignments,assessing student writing, and balancing teaching with graduate work. MORE

Resource Sample(s) Access
A Guide to Teaching, Paperback Request an Exam Copy
A Guide to Teaching, PDF Content and Preface
(PDF, 0.24 MB)

Access Resource
Teaching your adjunct staff and teaching assistants how to use the Field Guide, PPT Access Resource


Professors using the W.W. Norton Gradebook, download this file

Resource Access
Write Website Quiz Names - Correlation to W.W. Norton Gradebook, DOC Access Resource


Resource Access
MLA Update Pamphlet, PDF Access Resource


Customizable worksheets are available for proofreading, editing, analyzing an argument, reading sources with a critical eye, evaluating a design, and more. Students can print them out or use them online.

Resource Access
Worksheets, DOC Access Resource
Templates, DOC Access Resource
Norton/Write Grammar Exercises, DOC Access Resource
Norton/Write Paragraph Editing Exercises, DOC Access Resource


FAQ (WW Norton)
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A.nnotate for peer review
A.nnotate is a third-party online annotation, collaboration and indexing system for documents supporting PDF and MS Office formats.

Registration is free and each student may upload 30 pages per month and make unlimited notes with a free account.

Google Docs for Peer Review
To use Google Docs for peer review, all students need is a Google account and and a link to the paper being reviewed. In this tutorial, a USF composition professor describes yet another way to introduce online peer review at no cost to students.


Lecture Capture
Screenr makes it easy to create free, five-minute screencasst without the need for expensive third-party software. All you need is a built-in or USB microphone.

You can then embed or download your recording with ease.

Use Screenr to humanize your online course, lead a short PowerPoint lecture, offer students instructions on how to access course resources or conduct online research.

Screenr is easy to use. Students can easily collaborate together to create their own video productions as part of a group project and embed or upload their creations directly into your LMS, online portfolio or blog.

Example of a Screener LectureCapture

Some other screencasting utilities

Screencast-O-Matic: If you run a Mac and have issues with Screenr, ScreenCast-O-Matic, despite the awkward name, is recommended alternative.

Online/Realtime Collaboration
Enhance your online course experiences with a simple screen sharing tool for office hours online and on the fly.