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Start here to learn more about Back to the Lake, Second Edition.

You can also you use this portal to learn more about The Little Seagull Handbook, or get in touch with your local Norton sales representative, Lydia Warren.

Instructor Resources

Custom Blackboard Coursepack

Available to those with a Blackboard course, Norton has provided a custom coursepack exclusively designed for Lake Sumter Community College. In it, you'll find student resources from both Back to the Lake and The Little Seagull Handbook.

There's no registration process or code required to access content, and we make it available to you and your students at no cost.

For Students

The Back to the Lake Norton/Write site is a free and completely open site that includes three easy-to-navigate sections: Writing and Rhetoric, Research and Documentation, and online handbook with exercises.

No password, purchase or registration required.

Instructors may monitor and track student progress and responses to student website exercises using the Norton Gradebook.

Norton Gradebook Login
Norton Gradebook: An introduction
Norton Gradebook User Manual

The Norton Writer’s Prize will be awarded annually for an outstanding essay done for a writing class. Literacy narratives, literary and other textual analyses, reports, profiles, evaluations, arguments, memoirs, proposals, mixed-genre pieces, and more: any excellent writing done for an undergraduate writing class will be considered. The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2012.

More For Instructors


Resource Access
Instructor's Manual, PDF Access Resource


Thomas Cooley (Editor,  Ohio State University)

The Instructor’s Edition helps teachers use the text, with guidance for teaching each chapter, sample answers to the study questions, and sample syllabi. MORE

Resource Access
Instructor's Edition, Paperback Request an Exam Copy



Google Docs for Peer Review

To use Google Docs for peer review, all students need is a Google account and and a link to the paper being reviewed. In this tutorial, a USF composition professor describes yet another way to introduce online peer review at no cost to students.


Lecture Capture

Screenr and Screencast-O-Matic
Free services like Screenr and Screencast-O-Matic make it easy to create free, 5 or 15 minute screencasst without the need for expensive third-party software. All you need is a built-in or USB microphone. Once created, you can embed or download your lectures with ease.

Create a LectureCapture Video with Screenr

Embed Your LectureCapture Video in Blackboard or Another LMS

Some other screencasting utilities

Online Polling

Poll Everywhere (online polling)

PollEverywhere allows you to quickly create and publish free (for up to 30 users) online polls. Students can respond via text message or with their favorite SmartPhone or laptop browser. Results display in real-time and there is no log-in or account creation requirment for those taking the poll.
(online polling) doesn't offers the depth of analytics or text-message polling like PollEverywhere but it makes up for it in ease of use. It's so easy to set up and deploy, you can set up polls during lectures and get feedback from your (smartphone or computer-enabled) class.

Backchanneling Tools and Resources

What is "The Backchannel"?
A New York Times article explores the concept and considers practical applications in the classroom

Today's Meet

Today'sMeet allows educators to create an online space for students to comment and intereact with each other and you during presentations and lectures, encouraging real-time engagement and active learning in and away from the classroom.

Some Other Backchannel Tools

Google Moderator

Online/Realtime Collaboration
Enhance your online course experiences with a simple screen sharing tool for office hours online and on the fly.


How to embed Powerpoint Slides in Blackboard 9

How to Launch and Edit Multimedia Rich Powerpoints

How not to use Powerpoint

Become a PowerPoint Power User

How to (do pretty much anything) in PowerPoint
Embed YouTube Videos in Powerpoint
Embed YouTube Videos (Offline)