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  • Chapter 1: Matter and Energy: An Atomic Perspective
  • Chapter 2: Atoms, Ions, and Molecules: The Building Blocks of Matter
  • Chapter 3: Atomic Structure: Explaining the Properties of Elements
  • Chapter 4: Chemical Bonding: Understanding Climate Change
  • Chapter 5: Bonding Theories: Explaining Molecular Geometry
  • Chapter 6: Intermolecular Forces: Attractions between Particles
  • Chapter 7: Stoichiometry: Mass Relationships and Chemical Reactions
  • Chapter 8: Aqueous Solutions: Chemistry of the Hydrosphere
  • Chapter 9: Thermochemistry: Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions
  • Chapter 10: Properties of Gases: The Air We Breathe
  • Chapter 11: Properties of Solutions: Their Concentrations and Colligative Properties
  • Chapter 12: Thermodynamics: Why Chemical Reactions Happen
  • Chapter 13: Chemical Kinetics: Clearing the Air
  • Chapter 14: Chemical Equilibrium: Equal but Opposite Reaction Rates
  • Chapter 15: Aqueous Equilibria: Chemistry of the Water World
  • Chapter 16: Coordination Compounds: The Colorful Chemistry of Metals
  • Chapter 17: Electrochemistry: The Quest for Clean Energy
  • Chapter 18: The Solid State: A Particulate View
  • Chapter 19: Organic Chemistry: Fuels, Pharmaceuticals, and Modern Materials
  • Chapter 20: Biochemistry: The Compounds of Life
  • Chapter 21: Nuclear Chemistry: The Risks and Benefits