Using the Web

Go to Astronomy Picture of the Day app or website ( and look at some recent pictures of galaxies. In each case, consider the following questions: Was the picture taken from a large or small telescope, and from the ground or from space? Are galaxies in the image face on, edge on, or at an angle? What wavelengths were used for making the image? Are any of the colors “false colors”? If the picture is a combination of images from several telescopes, what do the different colors indicate?
Go to the website for Galaxy Zoo (, the original Zooniverse citizen science project. (Log in with your Zooniverse password.) The specific project in action at any given time depends on the real data that need to be examined. One of the projects is likely a classification project. Click on and read, “Story,” “Science,” and “Classify,” and then classify some galaxies. Save a copy of your classifications for your homework if necessary.
Go to the Hubble Space Telescope website’s “News Release Archive: Galaxy” page ( and look for a news release on the subject of galaxies. Describe a recent story. What has been observed, and what is its importance? Do the observations support or contradict anything you read in this chapter?
Go to the website for NuSTAR (Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array—, a space telescope launched by NASA in 2012. This mission is studying active galaxies hosting supermassive black holes. What type of telescope is this (wavelengths observed, general design)? What has been discovered?
Go to the website for the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope ( Scroll down to click on “Full News Archive” and look for a story about dark matter. What has this telescope discovered about dark matter?
Go to the website for the NASA Swift Gamma-Ray observatory (, which studies gamma-ray bursts. Click on “Latest Swift News” and look for a story about supermassive black holes.
Go to the website for the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (, a particle physics detector located on the International Space Station to search for dark matter, including WIMPs. Has it found anything?

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