Study Plan

Learning Goals

By the conclusion of this chapter, you should be able to:
  1. List the categories of small bodies and their locations in the Solar System.
  2. Describe the defining characteristics and physical properties of the dwarf planets in the Solar System.
  3. Explain why some asteroids differentiated while others did not, and describe the distribution of asteroids in the Solar System.
  4. Explain the origin and behavior of comets.
  5. Describe the origin of different types of meteorites.
  6. Explain how asteroids, comets, and meteorites provide important clues about the history and formation of the Solar System.

Prepare and Assess


    1. Cometary Orbits
      Section: 12.4
    1. Driving Through Snow
      Shows a snow shower from the perspective of a car driving through it, demonstrating how the snow seems to diverge from some central point (the radiant). Provides an analogy to a meteor shower.

Reassess and Apply

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