Using the Web

Go to the Cassini mission website ( Is the spacecraft still active and taking data? Click on “News.” What discovery was reported in a recent news release about Saturn (not about the rings or moons)? Why is this discovery important?
Again on the Cassini mission website, click on “Inside the Spacecraft” and then on “Cassini Orbiter Instruments.” What different types of instruments are on this mission? Why is it important to have instruments that cover different wavelengths and both spectroscopy and imaging?
Another website for Cassini images is found at What do the most recent images of Saturn show? What wavelengths were observed? Are the pictures shown in false color, and if so, why? Why are these images important?
Go to websites for the NASA Juno mission ( and, a spacecraft that was launched in 2011 and is scheduled to arrive at Jupiter in 2016. What are the science goals of the mission? What will happen to the spacecraft at the end of the mission? Examine the mission’s trajectory. Why does it loop around the Sun and pass Earth again in 2013 before heading to Jupiter? Why is there a plaque dedicated to Galileo Galilei on the spacecraft?
Go to the website for the Voyager 1 and 2 missions (, which collected data on all four of the giant planets more than two decades ago.

Where are the spacecraft now? Click on “Images & Video.” These are still the only close-up images of Uranus and Neptune. What was learned about these planets?
Click on “The Golden Record” and on the right, look at scenes, greetings, music, and sounds from Earth. Suppose you were asked to make a new version of the Golden Record, a playlist to send on an upcoming space mission. What would you include in one or more of those categories?

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