Welcome to the Student StudySpace that accompanies the third edition of The Human Past, edited by Chris Scarre. This site has been created to help you to understand and study this groundbreaking introductory world prehistory textbook. The third edition of the book has been revised and updated throughout to reflect new discoveries and the latest developments in the field, and now features more color illustrations.

Here you will find helpful chapter summaries and lists of learning objectives and key concepts, along with practice quizzes and flashcards to help you take in and understand what you have read, as well as a links section and glossary. Content revised, written and compiled by Dr. Donna Yates.

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Chapter Summaries

Chapter 18: Complex Societies of North America

The summary of each chapter of the book begins with key learning objectives for the chapter, followed by a brief outline that helps you understand and remember key points. This is followed by a list of box features in the chapter and an outline of Key Words and Terms, which highlights the essential themes and facts that you should know and understand in each chapter.

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