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Blogs Written by Archaeologists

Day of Archaeology
Every year since 2011, the annual Day of Archaeology invites archaeologists all over the world to blog about their day-allowing a glimpse into the experiences of hundreds of people working in labs, in the field, at universities, museums, and in cultural resource management, all researching the human past.

Past Thinking
A comprehensive list of archaeology blogs from the writers of the blog Past Thinking.

Middle Savagery
Considered one of the top archaeology blogs on the internet, Middle Savagery is written by Dr. Colleen Morgan, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of York who studies digital media and archaeology.

Doug’s Archaeology
This well-known blog is maintained by Doug Rocks-Macqueen and has a focus on archaeology as a profession.

The working life of the Museum of London:
Museums from the inside: this blog shows what it is really like to work at a major museum.

There is also an active body of archaeologists on various forms of social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

Archaeology Job Listings, Field Schools and Career Ideas
Job listings: everything from internships and field schools to professorships.
A well-known job site for new and experienced archaeologists in the US and Canada. Be sure to check out their field school list.

British Archaeology Jobs and Resources:
Archaeology jobs, courses, and volunteer opportunities in the UK.
Archaeological fieldwork opportunities posted on the Archaeological Institute of America website.

Archaeologists mentioned in this chapter:

Lisa J. Lucero’s website at the University of Illinois:

Gill Hey – Oxford Archaeology website:

Rasmi Shoocongdej’s website:
(mostly in Thai)

Douglas C. Comer’s CRM company:

Shadreck Chirikure’s website at the University of Capetown:

Jonathan N. Tubb’s website at the British Museum: