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The Cave of Chauvet Pont d’Arc:
See also Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a 3-D film about Chauvet by Werner Herzog:

The Cave of Lascaux:
A stunning virtual tour of the famous Neolithic cave paintings.

Early humankind’s artistic achievements, the website of the Bradshaw Foundation:
Devoted to documenting and preserving rock art, this site houses an assortment resources about petroglyphs, cave paintings, and parietal art from all over the world.

Encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms:
This site contains more than 1,600 articles about 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics.

Ancient scripts: a compendium of writing systems from prehistory to today:
Learn more about every known ancient and modern writing system, sorted by types, regions, language families, or chronologically. Complete with alphabets or syllabaries for most languages.

Chaco Canyon National Historic Park Museum from the National Park Service:

Göbleki Tepe, Turkey, the "World's Oldest Sanctuary" from the Global Heritage Fund:
This page goes beyond providing basic information about the impressive site of Göbleki Tepe: it introduces the challenges faced in preserving the site, protecting it from looting, and opening it to the public. Be sure to visit the other ancient sites on this page including the page for Chavín de Huantar.

The San Bartolo Project:
These Maya murals, the oldest that have so far been found, depict dynamic scenes of ritual and sacrifice.