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This Old Pyramid is an educational film that can be ordered through PBS. The companion web site is found at:
Egyptologist Mark Lehner and stonemason Roger Hopkins work together near the Great Pyramid of Giza to put clever and sometimes bizarre pyramid construction theories to the test.

The Athena Review’s interview with the excavators of Pedra Furada, Brazil:

Grimes Graves at the BBC:
A 360-degree view of the bottom of a shaft at this Neolithic flint mine in eastern England.

Scenes from an Ancient Quarry from NOVA:
Follow a single marble block from a quarry on the slopes of Mt. Penteli all the way to the Parthenon construction site.

Modern Lithic Art:
A group of flintknappers who specialize in replicating prehistoric stone tools. Be sure to check out the member galleries.

The Gold Museum (Museo del Oro), Colombia:
Enjoy stunning pictures of the master metalwork produced by the ancient peoples of Colombia. Look under "Masterpieces" to see artifacts divided by culture.