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Website of the Caracol Archaeological Project, Belize:

Website of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project, University of Chicago:

Wroxeter Roman City website, with photographs of a replica Roman Town:

The Museum of Underwater Archaeology from the University of Rhode Island:

Archaeology and Google Earth:
Enjoy the images on the site, or download Google Earth and follow the links to place-marks for ancient monuments from around the world.

The Nazca Lines of Peru on Google Maps:
Follow this link to Google Maps and take a tour of over 300 earth drawings: all the lines you see are manmade. Can you find the monkey, spider, and humming bird?

Visit NASA’s archaeology and remote sensing branch:

The NASA and Jet Propulsion Lab Imaging Radar web site:
The JPL-NASA Imaging radar website includes some exceptional images, such as those identifying the desert tracks on the Arabian Peninsula that lead to Ubar, an ancient city discovered in 1992 with the aid of remote sensing data.

GIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology in Burgundy, France:
An excellent example of the integration of archival photography, modern photographs, satellite remote sensing, GIS, and predictive modeling on a regional scale.