Learning Objectives

  1. Explain how H. habilis differs from the australopithecines.

  2. Define the species H. rudolfensis.

  3. Explain the relationship between tool use and increased intelligence in both H. habilis and H. erectus.

  4. Describe the shifts in habitat and landscape and discuss how early Homo coped with these changes.

  5. Create a timeline for the discovery of important Homo erectus fossils.

  6. Describe the anatomical features of Nariokotome boy and explain why this particular skeleton is pivotal in our understanding of H. erectus growth and development.

  7. Find on a map the countries that have produced H. erectus fossils and trace the likely path that H. erectus took out of Africa.

  8. Discuss how tool use and the ability to control fire contributed to the evolution of H. erectus.